We work closely with each and every designer to assist them find stockists that are relevant and suitable to them. This way we create long standing relationships between buyers and designers. 


Individuality is key - We do not believe in blind targeting or selling all our brands to our standard list of buyers. Sometimes it's a large department store, a concept store or small independent store where a brand finds its space. We cater for all.


Below is a selection of some of the stores that always been supportive, receptive and with their presence in our previous sales campaigns, have contributed to establish emerging designers into the market.

Le Bon Marché

Going back to 13 years of knowing each other, the buying team of Le Bon Marché are always receptive as they expect to see collections specially curated and selected with strict criteria of creativity, quality and commercial vision. We know what they are looking for, we understand the way they see fashion and therefore we enjoy working with each other.

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