Our services aim to be bespoke based on a designers requirements and individual situation.


Personalised Projects

  • Reaching out to international accounts/stockists that we have a long standing relationship with.

  • Researching and introducing brands to stores year-round. This sees strong results and an effective warm up prior to a sales campaign.

  • Elaborating a wholesale plan, establishing a sales forecast per campaign or season.

  • Proposing alternative and creative ways of collaboration between brands and leading figures within the industry.


  • 10-day showroom space during major campaign dates

  • Based in Le Marais, Paris

  • Scheduling appointments with our existing buyer relationships and researching new ones that match your brand and style philosophy

  • Handling of the campaign A-Z. Often, designers ship us the collections and we handle everything else, saving on travel costs.

  • Not just space rental.


  • Assist brands in communication to assist in it's commercial success

  • Website creation 

  • Produce your lookbook from A-Z in little time, with photography, modelling and sharp styling.

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